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Contents of Malinois dog training course (Belgian Becgie)
• Go to the toilet at the right time and in the right place
• Do not eat strange food, food spilled
• Basic discipline movements: standing, walking, lying, sitting, crawling, greeting, shaking hands, rolling back and forth, etc. (in English & Vietnamese on request)
• Guard training, attack, guard
• Training call, bark on command
• Train depressed dogs from signs of depression such as barking, biting, aggression towards strangers, etc.
• Train your dog to ride a motorbike, make fun of it
• Train a hyperactive dog to become obedient, a gentle dog to become active…
The cost of training Malinois dogs (Becgie Belgium)

Tuition fee: 3,500,000 VND/month. The training course is 3-4 months. Cost includes:

The entire training program is committed, checked and re-evaluated by the owner on a weekly and monthly basis. Includes all costs of accommodation and care during the training course
Special: Every month, the puppy is taken home by the school to visit his home for 3 days so that the owner can check and evaluate the quality of the training every month. (This transportation fee is completely free during the training course.

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