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Quality products & services - practical for your dog.

Advantages of the training course ours


The core value is dedicated, loving training. Observe & understand dog behavior, to provide effective and scientific curriculum

Coach loves dogs

This is the top criterion for the center to select a companion coach.

On-demand coaching consultation

Listen to actual requirements - provide a suitable training program for each puppy, closely following the owner's requirements.

Refund of tuition fee if unsatisfactory

Commit to refund the tuition fee if you do not meet the course requirements, do not love and take good care of your dog.

The best care

Quality diet, clean barn space, ensuring the health and comfort of dogs.

Provide photos/videos throughout the course

Helps you objectively assess your baby's progress day by day. You can also visit your baby at any time.

Graduation after training course

Your dog will receive a super cute diploma & souvenir after “passing the graduation exam” :)))

Service Dog trainer


Training all dog breeds - the curriculum is tailored for each puppy, to match the personality and requirements of the owner.

Chuyên mục hiện tại chưa có nội dung !!!

Video Coaching


Watch the actual dog training videos at the center to help you better understand the training course for a dog.

Chuyên mục hiện tại chưa có nội dung !!!

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